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 Criminal Defense Software for White Collar Law

#1 software to help you navigate the difficulties of white-collar law

White-collar law is a very specific area of practice. Though similar to civil litigation as a whole, it typically requires a lot more contact with clients, because white-collar law typically requires a much more personal touch. Many white-collar investigations have to do with hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars, which means you need to approach the problem with as much information as you can get. Here’s how an investigative research software can help.

Conducting internal investigations for white-collar criminal defense

In white-collar investigations, the government is typically the one investigating the company. When a government search software is being used, one of your first steps may be to perform your own investigation and gather as much information as you can get. This way, you’ll know about potential problems long before the government finds out about those problems, and you can formulate a response. With a public records search engine, you’ll be able to gain that information as quickly as possible:

  • White-collar investigations typically entail a government agency investigating a company’s records.
  • If you can go through those records before the government, you can determine where you might run into problems.
  • With the tools available from a public records search engine, you can do your investigation more quickly.

Searching through business partners in white-collar defense and investigations

Your client isn’t necessarily only responsible for their own business. In fact, you could face criminal punishment for some things your business partners do, as well. That’s why you need to use a software to search client’s business partners in the same way you’d go through your client’s information. The thing is, you probably don’t have as unfettered access to business partners’ information as you do to your client’s. With a public records search engine, you’re able to access a variety of information about other companies.

  • Businesses that don’t proactively mitigate corporate risk may be vulnerable to civil penalties because of their partners.
  • Knowing more about a client’s business partners can help you understand whether a client could face consequences.
  • You can use a public records search engine to get information about many different businesses, not just ones you work for.

Sifting through detailed individual information

Company information is, of course, an important part of avoiding penalties for a business’s misdeeds. However, as a white-collar investigation is delved into, it’s also worth looking at individual information not only for business owners but even for low-level employees. This detailed individual information can help you understand risk factors for your business and each individual working for you. A comprehensive profile report through a legal research software can help with that.

  • You can’t just focus on official company information; you may also have to look at individualized information as well.
  • Detailed personal information can give you some insight into the daily lives of employees at a specific company.
  • With the strong tools available through a public records search engine, such as background investigations, you can manage risk at a client’s business.

Talking to the prosecution as a white-collar criminal defense attorney

In an investigation, you might realize that the prosecution will probably find your client guilty of white-collar criminal action. When you come to this realization, you might want to talk to the prosecutors to come up with a deal. Before you talk to the prosecutors, however, you’ll want to use a public records search engine to get as much information as you can. That way, those prosecutors will be able to understand why they’ll get a better deal when you settle out of court.

  • Talking to the prosecution can be a useful way to protect your clients from more significant legal action.
  • Coming to an agreement can sometimes be more beneficial for both your client and the government.
  • If you get the right information from a public records search engine, you may be able to convince prosecutors.

What can Tracers do for white-collar defense?

If your agency does white-collar defense, you know how important information is. You need to get information not just about your clients, but also about the people your clients work with, the businesses your clients own, and the prosecutors working on the case. Tracers can help you get that type of information.

When you’re looking for the maximum amount of information, you’re looking for Tracers. Tracers offers over 42 billion records, covering more than 700 million living and deceased individuals. Whether you use the information directly through the website or through one of Tracers’ partners, you can get the information you need to help your clients.

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