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At first, someone’s address history may not seem that important. It would tell you their past and current locations – but what else? While it seems pretty simple at first, an address search can help you understand who someone is, what their background looks like, and where they may go in the future.

When you do an address history search with investigative research software, you can get personal information about a person that can be useful for legal professionals, collections, investigators, corporations, and financial services.

Gain an understanding of someone’s background with a people search by address

By understanding where someone has lived in the past, you can gain valuable information about what their history looked like. For example, what kind of places did they choose to work and live in, and what does that show you about that person’s behavior and interests? You may also want to know if that person moves around a lot, or if they stay in one place for long periods of time.

An address history search can answer questions like these to help you gain a better understanding of someone’s background.

  • An address search opens up a whole new avenue for understanding someone’s history, which could help you perform legal research or complete a background investigation
  • Where people choose to live is often a reflection of that person’s character, allowing you to better understand someone’s tendencies, interests, and behaviors based on their address history.
  • With a public and private records search engine, you can perform an address history search reaching back decades and gain valuable insight into a person’s background.

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Verify someone’s identity with an address lookup 

Many different professionals need to perform identity verification to confirm someone is who they claim to be. For example, someone in financial services may need to verify identities for Customer Identification Programs, and legal professionals may need to verify the identity of a client for due diligence.

However, ID verification isn’t always easy, particularly if there are missing or mismatched records. An address history search can help verify identities by cross-checking address records with other records.

  • An address history search can help you match the information provided to you with address records like a past zip code, city and state.
  • Cross-checking address records is useful for confirming identities and information.
  • Verifying identities with an address search can be helpful for customer due diligence, risk assessment, and more.

Skip trace an individual with a people search by address

Knowing someone’s address history not only helps you understand someone’s past but can also help you predict where someone will go in the future. This is extremely useful for skip-tracing a hard-to-find individual. If a person is moving around, an address history search can show you the places they tend to move, which will help you determine where they might be going next.

If you’re in collections or repossession and need to skip trace people frequently, you can use also batch skip tracing to search through large amounts of address records at once.

  • While skip tracing can be difficult, a people search by address can make it easier to predict where currently someone is.
  • One way to skip trace someone is to do an address lookup or phone number search by address.
  • With an address history search through a public records search engine, you can extrapolate future addresses and find people who don’t want to be found.

Use a reverse address search to build a web of connections

Let’s say you need to build a full profile on someone but there are missing records preventing you from building it. An address history search can help you build a web of connections with past neighbors. Then, you can perform a reverse address search on those neighboring addresses to get contact information for those people.

When you contact people who have previously lived next to someone, they may provide more information that you couldn’t find on your own. This information could allow you to fill in the missing holes and gain a more complete understanding of a person, which is particularly useful for increasing right-party contact.

  • An address history search helps you build a web of connections by providing you with neighboring addresses.
  • With a reverse address search, you can get in contact with past neighbors to learn about a person’s current whereabouts.
  • An address search can provide you with the information you need to find connections, fill in missing holes, and get a more complete understanding of an individual.

What can Tracers do to maximize your address search?

With Tracers, you can get access to over 120 billion public data records from over 6,000 sources for your address search. Tracers offers 40-year address history, with ranked up-to-date verification and address records. These address records can provide insight into your subject, which is useful for due diligence, skip tracing, looking into insurance claims, legal work, or managing corporate risk. If you’re interested in seeing this search in action, get started with Tracers today.

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More information

What is an address search?

An address search is performed by searching public and private records to confirm information about someone’s address history and determine their current or past locations.

What do I need to run an address search?

An address search can be performed by anyone who has access to a public records search engine. Attorneys, collections agents, licensed investigators, insurance agents, government agencies, and law enforcement can all perform address searches.

What does an address search reveal?

An address search can reveal a lot of important information about someone’s identity. Specifically, an address search can be used to determine where people lived and to verify identities. You can also skip trace people using historical address information, address lookup, and phone number search by address.

What do I need to run my own address search?

In order to perform an address search, you will need access to a public records search engine like Tracers. With a records database like Tracers, you can run address searches with someone’s name or phone number and area code.