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Finding correct information using internet searches is challenging. If you cannot find a debtor, you cannot recover for your client. Tracers delivers the most up-to-date and comprehensive information to help you quickly and correctly identify the debtor, his or her location and employment information.

In addition, Tracers concierge public records search experts are standing by to make certain you get up-to-date information on every search.

The Most Up to Date

Debt collectors do not have time to sift through volumes of information to eliminate inaccurate contact information. Tracers has proven to deliver the most reliable public records information available.

Quickly Identify the Right Party Contact

Eliminate collection delays by determining that you have the right debtor. No collector wants to spend weeks or months pursuing the wrong party.

Personally Identifying Information & Employment Records

When the opposition is a business, use Tracers to find critical business licenses, confirm assets, research real estate holdings and more.


For Collection Law Firm Henley, Lotterhos & Henley, PLLC, Tracers’ Top-Notch Customer Service Has No Equal

“Tracers’ customer service is second to none. If I have problems completing a search, Tracers jumps in to help me resolve it. On occasion, I am unable to locate specific information, so, I turn to Tracers and they help me find the information I need.”

– RICHARD CLARK, Collections Manager, Henley, Lotterhos & Henley, PLLC

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With a growing number of lawyers seeking out cost-effective access to public records, asset records and detailed person search history, the Tracers platform is providing exactly what attorneys are looking for — and so much more.

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