Case Study: Richard Root Investigations

Tracers extensive investigative data services was the perfect fit for “Rick” Root


With over 37 years of experience in law enforcement and security, when Richard “Rick” Root opened Richard Root Investigations, he went in with a wealth of knowledge about what the needs of his business would be. Operating out of West Palm Beach, Florida, Rick provides his clients with discrete, accurate, and timely results on background investigations, cyber crime investigations, surveillance jobs, and much more. With all of this in mind, when the time came for Rick to search for new tools to serve his clients, it was only a matter of time before Tracers fell into his radar.

Benefit: Usability

Previously Rick had used TLO to complete certain aspects of his investigations business, but Rick said he quickly found the system to be cumbersome. When he needed to obtain records from out of state, he would have to consider hiring another investigator in that state to complete the required search. When speed is one of the top necessities of your business, this isn’t a convenient way to get the job done. Rick started to look into other solutions and even took a hard look at several other options. However, when he delved into what Tracers could offer Richard Root Investigations, the answer was clear.

Benefit: Customer service

Ricks manages all aspects of his business himself, including hiring any other investigators. Many small, growing businesses like Richard Root Investigations have trouble getting quality customer service from competing services. They can feel they are in constant competition with larger clients and their needs are over- looked. Not so with Tracers. In fact, Rick states that “The one-on-one assistance from the Tracers staff has always met or exceeded expectations when it comes to answering questions or resolving issues. They are willing to bend over backwards.”

Tracers considers client focus to be one of the most important aspects of a successful business. By providing excellent customer service no matter the client size, Tracers can set itself apart from the competition in yet another way. In fact, Tracers was voted the number one database source for private investigators like Rick. Exceeding customer expectations is paramount for Traces,
and ensures quality service across the board.

Benefit: Product range

In addition to customer support, Rick states that Tracers’ product line was a large factor in why he chose them to serve his business needs. As the number one database provider for private investigators like Rick, Tracers has proven strengths in this area. Private investigators require access to critical data in order to solve cases, including background information, addresses, telephone histories, vehicle information, and more. If an investigation is a puzzle, this information makes up the missing pieces, and when carefully assembled, they show a complete picture. With one missing piece, the entire investigation can fall apart.

Tracers can provide private investigators with concise, easy to read reports on:

  • Current address and 40 years of address history.
  • Criminal records.
  • Mobile and landline phone numbers.
  • Bankruptcies, liens, and judgments.
  • Property records and business ownership.
  • Eviction and foreclosure records.
  • Eviction and foreclosure records.

At the end of Rick’s investigation into database tools, the answer was clear. Only Tracers met and exceeded the needs of Richard Root Investigations, and he has been happy with his choice ever since. By combining usability with quality customer service and a wide range of products, Tracers has earned its standing as the number one database solution for private investigators.

“The ability to have access to onsite county and state criminal records and the ability to access real-time incarceration from Tracers set them apart. The live demonstration of Tracers gave me and my clients the sense of priority they need.”

Richard “Rick” Root, Investigator, Richard Root Investigations