Case Study: The Law Offices of Patrick Scanlon, P.A.

Ease of access eases the workload


Since 2002, the Law Offices of Patrick Scanlon, P.A. have been helping businesses throughout Delaware and Maryland’s Eastern Shore collect on their past due accounts receivable. By providing efficient, compliant, and knowledgeable collections services to both retail and commercial accounts, they have expanded their business and maintain a reputation for quality results.

So when the time came for Partner Daniel Patrick Scanlon to examine new data tools, his needs were clear. As someone who manages all aspects of the collections process for a growing business, he needed a tool that offered both consistency and flexibility; something that he felt other providers were just not providing for him.

Benefit: Ease of access

“[Other providers] required a text message be sent every time we logged into our account. We had to wait to receive the reactivation code through text in order to access our account, and sometimes we just don’t have our cell phones handy.”

When information is needed quickly, Tracers’ easy-to-use, easy-to-access interface outpaced other providers in meeting Daniel Scanlon’s needs. In fact, when he decided to make the change in 2009, he was offered a free trial with Tracers and it was the first option he tried – and the rest is history.

According to Daniel, “Tracers’ ease of access when logging in” was a huge factor in the decision.

Benefit: Consistent pricing

Tracers provides its customers with a straight forward pricing model that makes using Tracers services manageable for companies of all sizes, and the consistency of this pricing means quality data across the board for companies like The Law Offices of Patrick Scanlon, P.A. “The minimum requirements for other data providers kept rising,” says Scanlon, an issue he has not had with Tracers. With affordable, industry specific pricing plans, Tracers is tailored to suit the needs of collections firms.

Benefit: Cost of data

When asked what his favorite aspect of the Tracers solution is, Daniel Scanlon responded with “Cost of data.” When working in the collections industry, data is an intrinsic piece of the everyday puzzle, necessary to the job and not always easy to come by. Using the Tracers platform, agencies can access top-quality data quickly and as often as necessary without breaking the bank; an important detail for growing companies like The Law Office of Patrick Scanlon, P.A. Especially in the early stages of successful growth, budgetary concerns are of key importance and surprise expenses are particularly unwelcome.

Tracers keeps the needs of its individual clients in mind when it comes to pricing, making it affordable for all companies, regardless of size or age.

When it comes time for companies to collect, Tracers knows that collection firms need speed, flexibility, and quality with their results. That’s why Daniel Scanlon has chosen Tracers for The Law Offices of Patrick Scanlon, P.A. Ease of access, low cost of data, and consistent pricing has made Tracers the easy winner over multiple other providers.

Tracers works with collections firms like The Law Offices of Patrick Scanlon, P.A. to provide exactly what they need in the form of easy-to-read reports that include (but are not limited to) information like:

  • Phone numbers (cell and landline).
  • Address and history.
  • Relatives and associates.
  • Civil litigation.
  • Lien, judgement, eviction records, and more.

Tracers knows that collection agencies need a smarter debt recovery solution. That’s why Tracers’ solution helps to provide results in:

  • Reduced errors and omissions.
  • Increased recovery rates.
  • Shortened recovery lifecycles.
  • Pinpointed right-party contacts.
  • Controlled access for individual collectors.

“Tracers’ easy-to-use, easy-to-access interface outpaced [other providers] in meeting my needs.”

Daniel Patrick Scanlon, Esq., Partner, The Law Offices of Patrick Scanlon, P.A.