Case Study: Henley, Lotterhos & Henley, PLLC

Tracers’ top-notch customer service has no equal


For the past 80 years Henley, Lotterhos & Henley, PLLC has operated a creditors rights and collections practice. Since the beginning, they have always depended on the most modern tools to locate debtor information. Today, the firm relies on Tracers as their top-tier search tool that helps them to find accurate and up-to-date debtor information. “Tracers’ customer service is just second to none,” Richard Clark, Collections Manager, said. “They have always provided me with top-notch service.” And, while excellent customer service is one of the key benefits for Henley, Lotterhos & Henley, PLLC, Tracers also delivers a number of other desirable benefits and qualities.

Benefit: Valuable contact information

Richard Clark uses Tracers to access hard-to- find contact information and other personally identifiable information. He and eight other collections agents/skip tracers working in the practice find that, unlike other search tools, Tracers makes finding critical information on subrogated accounts easy. According to Mr. Clark, unless a debtor has very little credit history, he will almost always be able to locate the information he needs on a debtor via a simple search using Tracers.

Benefit: Easy to use

Tracers’ user-friendly interface makes it easy for every collection agent at the Henley firm to find the information they need. They appreciate how Tracers helps system is easy to navigate, everyone authorized to use Tracers at the firm can them do their job in a seamless and effective way without getting bogged down by an overly complicated interface. Tracers’ interface is intuitive. Clark’s collector team does not have to over-think the process when they are doing a search. Everything feels natural and, since the spend more time tracking down the information they need rather than trying to figure out how to use the system.

Benefit: Excellent customer service

When searching for hard-to-find information, law firms should work with a search company that delivers excellent customer service. And it is the top-notch customer service delivered by Tracers that is highly prized by Henley, Lotterhos & Henley, PLLC.

Searching for hard-to-find information can take time, so, the faster a search tool can deliver data, the better. When law firms are working with Tracers, even the most difficult searches can be made easier and can be done faster with the help of Tracers’ Customer Service.

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“When I contacted Tracers’ customer service for help, they identified my error. Tracers fixed it, and ‘Voila!’ the information we needed was instantly available.”

Richard Clark, Collections Manager, Henley, Lotterhos & Henley, PLLC