Case Study: Hutkin Law Firm

Ease of use and an intuitive interface create an advantage for new users


When legal secretary, Sandra Coracero, began working at the Hutkin Law Firm recently, she was feeling nervous about using Tracers. As with many employee transitions, Sandra did not have an opportunity to receive any training from her previous firm. She was not familiar with Tracers and found herself replacing an experienced user. The Hutkin Law Firm provides legal services in theareas of employment, business, probate litigation and real estate litigation where quickly accessing contact information and details about an individual’s assets is critical to the success of a matter, and essential to providing the results clients expect.

“Basically, I was left on my own,” Ms. Coracero said. “I was asked to conduct a search, and without any formal training, I had to log in to Tracers and try to figure it out for myself.”

When she first logged in she was feeling just a little overwhelmed but, after she nailed her first search query on the first try, she began to realize just how easy Tracers is to use and learn. She was pleasantly surprised that she was feeling very comfortable with Tracers after only 15 minutes.

Benefit: Easy to use

When it comes to people searches and other research that law firms need to conduct during the course of business, it is important that the platform is intuitive. That is why Tracers developed an easy-to-use interface, designed to make it possible for legal professionals.

Benefit: Fast user adoption

When legal professionals depart a law firm, they can leave behind a void and chaos. New hires may not be familiar with existing systems and there may be no one available to train them. When Sandra found herself needing to train herself on Tracers, it was important that the barrier to entry was low. In this case, Ms. Coracero realized that she could quickly learn the basics of Tracers, and then the magic happened:

  • She explored more features. Ms. Coracero was willing to go beyond just the surface of Tracers and she explored what other features the platform offers.
  • Sandra made it clear that she has never used Tracers and she felt that she would not need to since the system is so intuitive
  • She stays loyal to Tracers. Replacing research tools is costly in the money you spend on
    the system, the time spent researching replacements and staff training. Because Tracers is easy to learn, legal professionals are more likely to commit to using it long-term.

Benefit: User friendly

 Sandra Coracero had only worked at the Hutkin Law Firm for six months, and she had no previous experience using search tools to locate contact information, but that did not become a barrier because Tracers is extremely user friendly. The interface does not rely on a user’s previous knowledge or experience, so, even brand new hires can hop right in and get up and running with Tracers’ basic search capabilities in as little as 15 minutes.

And, if a first-time user is having difficulty learning Tracers or finding the information they need, Tracers’ committed customer service agents are standing by to lend a hand. Ultimately, the process of using Tracers as a search tool proved cost effective and easy-to-use.

With decades of experience on California’s Central Coast, the Hutkin Law Firm’s three attorneys specialize in complex employment, civil law, real estate, probate and land-use litigation.

“I have never needed to reach out to customer service because Tracers is easy to understand and I have been able to get the information I need.”

Sandra Coracero, Legal Secretary, Hutkin Law Firm