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Tenant Background Screening Services

 Expand Your Tenant Screening Business With Public Records

A tenant screening business can be a useful business opportunity. Especially if you’re great at talking to customers and understanding their concerns, you may be able to make a lot of money selling data to landlords looking to screen tenants. However, you need to make sure you have great data to back up your customer service and other options. If you decide to go with a high-quality public records search engine, here are a few ways your business can improve.

Finding Address Histories

Address histories can be very beneficial for some landlords. There are many reasons someone may choose to use address histories, but no matter why they’re using them, they want to believe the address histories are legitimate. If they make the wrong choice or invest money into something because of incorrect information, you might be on the hook for it. That’s why you need to make sure the public records search engine that returns your company’s information returns only up-to-date and genuine information.

  • When you’re delivering information, you may want to offer information about an individual’s previous addresses.
  • Landlords can use these addresses for a variety of reasons, and they expect that the information will be true.
  • It’s important that you check to make sure you’re using a quality public records search engine for your address history offerings.

Utilizing Many Methods of Information Transfer

As a company, there are many different ways you might want to offer information to your customers. For example, do you want to allow your customers batch processing capabilities? Are you looking for a way to run information through an API on your website? Do you need individual searches or thousands of searches in a day? A public records search engine with various methods of transferring information will help.

  • The way in which you offer information to your customers is an extremely important part of your business.
  • Knowing more about your customers’ needs and desires can help you succeed against your competitors.
  • Getting information from a high-quality public records search engine with various information options can be helpful.

Gathering All Sorts of Reliable Information

What type of information do you want to provide to your customers? There’s lots of information that may be beneficial to customers. This includes public records, like birth records and arrest records, as well as proprietary information like some address records or asset lists. If you want to make sure you have a product that your customers will come back for, it’s a good idea to offer lots of different options through a high-quality source of records.

  • There isn’t just one type of information that landlords may be searching for when it comes to tenant screening.
  • In fact, there are many different types of information you might want to provide to your customers.
  • It’s a good idea to utilize a public records search engine that gives your customers access to all available information.

Maintaining an Eye On Tenants

Continuous monitoring is an important tool for many landlords. This type of monitoring can uncover future criminal and financial issues in tenants. If you’re looking to maintain your customers after they’ve done their initial searches, you may want to offer continuous monitoring for customers. To give your customers the most high-quality information about their tenants, even if that information changes, you need to use a quality public records search engine.

  • It’s not enough to just screen tenants one time; you may want to offer your customers continuous monitoring options.
  • Not only does this give your customers more options, but it also helps you maintain your customer base.
  • When you utilize a high-quality public records search engine for your information, you can offer more effective continuous monitoring.

“I have used numerous different database searches, and have found the information I get from Tracers to be the gold standard. Its data is the latest and most reliable among the services I have used.”

Patrick Henry
Guardian Research Associates

What Can Tracers Do to Help You Create a Better Tenant Screening Business?

Your tenant screening business will definitely rely heavily on your ability to connect with landlords, but that’s not the only thing you need for a successful business. In fact, while this is an important part of separating yourself from your competitors, it’s secondary to the quality of the data you offer. You can make sure you’re getting the best possible data when you use Tracers to get that data.

When you choose Tracers, you’re utilizing a search engine that holds over 43 billion records from over 6,000 sources with information on almost every adult in the US. That includes records from proprietary sources, which means you’re gaining access to the largest breadth of information available anywhere. They can provide you Historical Residential Leasing, Past Court Actions, Monetary Judgments, Criminal History, Address History, Eviction Records, Bankruptcy, Lien, Judgment, Professional Licenses and much more. Tracers makes it easier for you to mitigate your own corporate risk and help build your business.

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