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Screening For Gig Economy Workers

Offer Better Employment Screening Services for the Gig Economy

Employment is different in today’s world, and that means employment screening needs to change alongside it. The gig economy is taking over in America; around a third of people in the United States work for themselves or work for someone who works for themselves, which has caused a dramatic shift in the way companies and individuals conceptualize work. If you’re offering employment screening services, you need to shift alongside it. Here are a few ways in which a public records search engine can help you do that.

Having Confidence in Your Data and Processes

If nothing else, you need to have confidence in the data you’re selling to other people. If your data ends up being untrue, you’re going to lose customers; those customers will realize you have incomplete or untrue data, and they won’t come back again. However, if you’re able to offer high-quality, truthful information every time, you’ll have customers for life. That’s why you need to utilize a public records search engine that works well.

  • Confidence is an important tool, and it’s especially important when you’re selling a service to businesses.
  • You should always have confidence in your data and the way in which you’re presenting it to customers.
  • Make sure you’ve vetted the public records search engine you’re getting your information from so you know it’s high-quality.

Running As Many Searches As You Need

Employment screening services may need to run more or less searches, depending on how well-known they are, how many companies they’re working for, and their needs in mitigating corporate risk. Depending on your needs, your clients may need to run anywhere from a few searches a day to thousands of searches an hour, which can be a difficult process. It’s important to get a public records search engine that can handle your customers’ searches.

  • From small numbers of searches to searches in significant numbers, it’s important that you meet your customers’ needs.
  • Employers that regularly draw from the gig economy may need to run searches more often than other employers.
  • A high-powered public records search engine could be what you need to meet the needs of your customers.

Gathering Information in the Way You Prefer

There are many ways in which you and your customers might prefer to gather information. For example, your customers might want batch processing if they hire a variety of gig workers regularly, or they might prefer API integration if they only hire people occasionally. No matter what your customers want out of your service, it’s good business to provide it to them. That’s why you need a public records search engine that will give you a variety of options.

  • Maintaining your business is all about meeting your customers’ needs, and those needs may vary dramatically.
  • Being able to gain access to information in a preferred way is an important part of gathering information.
  • Your best option is to utilize a public records search engine that offers options when it comes to search abilities.

Monitoring Employees On a Continuous Basis

Continuous monitoring is an important option for many companies. If a company chooses to hire a gig worker on a regular basis, they probably want to know if that person’s information changes at any point in time. That’s exactly why continuous monitoring can be helpful; it scans for criminal and financial information, then helps you see if any of that information changes. When you get your information through a high-quality public records search engine, it can make it easier for you to offer continuous monitoring.

  • There are many things you can do that will help your product stand out to companies interested in employee prescreening.
  • Gathering ongoing information for companies is an important part of making sure you have a great product.
  • It’s important that you utilize a public records search engine that can offer your customers continuous monitoring options.

“I have used numerous different database searches, and have found the information I get from Tracers to be the gold standard. Its data is the latest and most reliable among the services I have used.”

Patrick Henry
Guardian Research Associates

Can Tracers Help You Maximize Your Screening Options?

Employment screening is evolving in response to the gig economy. Whether you currently have a pre-employment screening business or you’re interested in developing one, you need to have an answer for employers currently working with the gig economy. Tracers gives you the tools you need to do just that.

From screening short-term contractors to observing invested individuals, Tracers gives you the information you need to make sure your customers are happy. By utilizing over 43 billion records from over 6,000 sources, Tracers offers you and your customers the best option for performing due diligence on existing employees, even in the gig economy.

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