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Criminal BackGround Screening

Find Criminal Background History With a Public Records Search Engine

A criminal background search can be a very important part of investigating an individual. When you perform a criminal background search, you’re turning up a lot of information about a person. That information can include not only times where a court convicted that person of a crime but also arrests, warrants and other pieces of information. What can you do with a criminal background search? Here are a few ways a criminal background search can help your company function more smoothly.

Understanding More About People

In general, criminal records are a good way to learn more about people. That’s true of anyone, whether you’re an individual looking into another individual, an investigator looking into a company, or a company looking into a person. Criminal records give you more information about a person’s background, which is always an important thing to have. A public records search engine can give you that information whenever you need it.

  • It’s never bad to get more information about other people, whether you’re an individual or a company.
  • From licensed investigators to insurance agencies, the ability to understand a person’s background is important.
  • With a quality public records search engine, you can gather a criminal record background whenever you need it.

Making Choices About Your Partnerships

Both companies and individuals make partnerships, and both companies and individuals need to screen to make sure those partnerships are a good idea. When you’re heading into a partnership, it’s extremely important that you know everything about the person or company you’re partnering with, even things they don’t want to tell you about. A public records search engine can help you gather criminal records that may be important years down the line.

  • Partnerships can be an incredibly useful way to maximize both your company and the company you’re partnering with.
  • Before you start up a partnership, you need to know you’re entering into a partnership that will be mutually beneficial.
  • Getting criminal records information from a public records search engine can be crucial when it comes to making the right choice.

Verifying What Someone Tells You

When someone tells you they don’t have a criminal record, you might not know what your next step should be. Should you just believe the person? Is there a way for you to instead check what that person has told you? The good news is, you can make sure someone’s telling the truth when they say they don’t have any sort of criminal record. You just have to use a quality public records search engine.

  • Having a good relationship with your partners and employees is an important part of functioning as a company.
  • When someone denies a criminal history, it’s a good idea to invest in checking out that claim instead of just believing it.
  • Your best option for verifying a lack of criminal history is to utilize a quality public records search engine.

Keeping Your Organization and Community Safe

All in all, one of the most important things you can do is keep your organization and community safe. Whether you’re acting in your personal interests or in the interests of your company, you have a certain mandate to protect people. The best way you can do that is to get criminal background information on people before you do business with them. Your best option for getting that information is through a public records search engine.

  • Safety is a concept that’s on many people’s minds, especially because the world can be very unsafe.
  • Companies and individuals are both looking for ways they can keep themselves and those around them a little safer.
  • When you’re looking for the best way to maintain safety for your community and organization, look no further than a public records search engine.

“Your service has made my effectiveness as a Police Investigator much better. I've been using it on a Cold Case Murder and tracking down numerous witnesses from 45 years ago, including finding a John Smith numerous states away. I LOVE IT!”

Dennis Kearns
Keego Harbor Police Dept

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Corporal Jonathan A. Lindsay
State Police

What Can Tracers Do to Help You With Criminal Background Searches?

The most important thing for you to do with a criminal background search is make sure the information you’re getting is accurate. If you’re trying to learn more about the people living in close proximity to your company’s office, for example, you want to get genuine information. Tracers allows you to utilize data that will give you up-to-date insights.

When it comes to criminal background searches, Tracers is a nationwide leader. Not only does Tracers offer you law enforcement information about sex offender registries, criminal records, arrests, warrants, real time incarceration records, nationwide county and state criminal records and more, it also gives you that information from over 6,000 sources. When you’re looking for better records for your company or agency, look no further than Tracers.

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