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For over 25 years, Tracers® has provided attorneys access to an online database of over 43 billion public and private records. LSBA members receive a 10% lifetime discount on all Tracers monthly search services!

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Why Tracers?

While attorneys have always looked to case law and court decisions to complete their legal research, public records data provides attorneys with the hard facts and information they need to build the strongest case possible. We pride ourselves in the personal attention we give every one of our clients — large and small — and are honored to be their trusted information-gathering partner.

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Tracers Investigative Research Software

One piece of data can make all the difference

Tracers is the #1 trusted cloud-based investigative and data research software designed to help you find key pieces of information available only in public and private records. Discover why thousands of attorneys rely on Tracers when it comes to finding the facts and research for their clients and cases.

Tracers is intuitive in terms of how you search. Everything is hyperlinked, so, if I want to look up a telephone number in a search, I can.

Trevelyan Howe, Director of Investigations, Napoli Shkolnik PLLC.

I was immediately impressed with Tracers. It was within my price range, and it targeted more of what I wanted to use it for and do.”

Sean T. Flynn
The Law Offices of Sean T. Flynn

“As a large law firm, it is essential for us to partner with a company that provides quality data.  We found that partnership in Tracers.”

Bryant Smith CFP CEBS
Executive Director, MVBA

#1 cloud-based public and private records software

Public records research gives you access to the details you need to properly represent your clients. From asset recovery, people search, criminal records, or a detailed social media search, Tracers delivers the necessary details to help you:

  • Save time and money on investigative services.
  • Complete due diligence and reduce malpractice risk.
  • Locate, verify, and confirm people and associates.
  • Investigative businesses.
  • Access billions of records right when you need to.
  • Much more.
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Complete your research with tools to fit your firm

No matter what size of your law firm, or what area of law you practice, Tracers helps complete your legal and investigative research with solutions that fit the needs of your business. Our cloud-based software can be accessed from any device, and our batch processing services allow you to run thousands of searches at once.