Seamless API Integration for Identity Verification

Tracers API integration for identity verification allows you to easily integrate our effective identity verification tools into your own software. Avoid using a third-party service and instead quickly verify identities from your own platform to save time and speed up the onboarding process.


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Why Tracers for Identity Verification API?

Tracers was built on the principle of providing excellent service, outstanding value, and peerless data expertise to our clients, minus all the cumbersome setup processes. We pride ourselves in the personal attention we give every one of our clients — large and small — and are honored to be their trusted information-gathering partner.

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Reliable identity verification at your fingertips

Integrating ID verification into your own software allows you to quickly and thoroughly verify the identity of any person for easier and more efficient fraud prevention and risk reduction.

Tracers is intuitive in terms of how you search. Everything is hyperlinked, so, if I want to look up a telephone number in a search, I can.

Trevelyan Howe, Director of Investigations, Napoli Shkolnik PLLC.

I was immediately impressed with Tracers. It was within my price range, and it targeted more of what I wanted to use it for and do.”

Sean T. Flynn
The Law Offices of Sean T. Flynn

“As a large law firm, it is essential for us to partner with a company that provides quality data.  We found that partnership in Tracers.”

Bryant Smith CFP CEBS
Executive Director, MVBA
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Access to customer support

Tracers dedicated support API specialists are available to answer all of your questions so you can get the best results from our tools.

Reliable and powerful ID verification data

Tracers ID verification tools automatically confirm every individual’s identity and information for thorough and accurate identity verification.

Cohesive and unified platform

Run all of your searches in-house and through an interface that fits with your brand’s identity, without needing to re-design your infrastructure.

Save time and get fast results

Quickly verify and authenticate identities from your own software to make performing safety measures in your day-to-day routine easier and more efficient. 

#1 public and private records database with ID verification API

Tracers public and private records database gives you access to the details you need to quickly verify identities and do your due diligence. From ID verification and authentication, people search, criminal records, or a detailed social media search, Tracers delivers the necessary details to help you:

  • Save time and money on identity verification.
  • Complete due diligence and reduce risk.
  • Locate, verify, and confirm people and associates.
  • Investigative businesses and people.
  • Access billions of records right from your own platform.
  • Much more.
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Verify identities and complete and due diligence with tools to fit your business

No matter what size your business is, or what industry you specialize in, Tracers helps you verify identities and do your due diligence with solutions that fit the needs of your business. Our cloud-based software can be accessed from any device, and our batch processing services allow you to run thousands of searches at once.

What is identity verification API?

Tracers identity verification API allows you to integrate our comprehensive identity verification and authentication tools right into your platform. You can input pieces of information and Tracers tools will automatically cross-check them to confirm their accuracy, allowing you to verify  the identity of every person you interact with — without ever leaving your own software. 

  • Tracers identity verification services take identifiable information for a specific consumer and verify whether the data is a match for the consumer that Tracers already has on file. 
  • To prevent fraud and reduce overall risk, businesses can use Tracers identity verification services to quickly confirm the identity of every party they interact with.
  • With Tracers API integration, businesses can access Tracers ID verification tools from their own platform for easier and more efficient identity verification.

Save time and streamline your workflow with identity verification API

While identity verification should be an integral part of every business’s safety measures. Tracers API integration for identity verification allows you to seamlessly verify identities with your own technology to work more quickly and efficiently, without sacrificing safety. 

  • Traces API provides 24/7 access to billions of points of data  so you can verify identities on your own time right from your own technology
  • Keeping identity verification in-house will help streamline your workflow and improve your overall efficiency. 
  • With faster risk reduction processes, you can onboard customers more quickly and handle more accounts with less effort.

Integrate identity verification with API to improve the customer experience

Identity verification is key to protecting both your company and your customers, but you don’t want to turn away customers by sending them through a lengthy identity verification process. Tracers API integration allows you to move customers through onboarding quicker while still performing proper risk reduction and due diligence. 

  • When customers move through a smooth and quick onboarding process, they will have a better experience with your company overall.
  • While you want to make onboarding as smooth as possible, you’ll still need to verify their identities to protect the safety of both your business and your customers.
  • Tracers API for identity verification allows you to easily confirm the identity of every customer from your own platform for faster onboarding and better customer satisfaction.