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What is the cost of Tracers?

The cost of Tracers is based on 2 factors:

  • How many users you have.
  • How many searches you are running per month.

We cater our pricing plans to meet the unique needs of each business the cost of Tracers varies on the number of users and number of searches on your account. Pricing is flexible on a per search/per user basis with straightforward pricing and no surprise fees, Tracers has some of the most competitive pricing compared to the industry average. In fact, if your client is currently subscribed to a public records database provider, we guarantee to match or beat that price by 20% with a limited-time exclusive Bloomberg Law discount.

How long is the free trial?

The length of your Tracers free trial will coincide with the length and end date of your client’s Bloomberg Law trial.

Are there permission and control settings?

Tracers has multiple permissions and control settings to ensure only certain users are able to access and see the information you want them to see. The Account Administrator has the ability to turn filters and permissions on/off for access to different searches, requirements for running searches or even request to add additional roles or account permissions.

What about training and support?

Training and support is free! Adopting a new software can have its own set of challenges, so from early on, we are dedicated to providing the best on-boarding experience, training and customer support. And if at any time you have questions about any of the searches or reports, we are available to help via phone, email or chat.