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Welcome to Tracers! Tracers and BACKGROUNDCHECKS.COM have partnered together to offer you outstanding data at the same great rates you have today.  Alicia Jones, formerly with BACKGROUNDCHECKS.COM for 16 years, will guide you through the process smoothly and seamlessly. Please contact her at (512) 656-8555 or email her at [email protected]

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What you need to get started.

All you need to get started is to complete the Tracers application. Once you have completed the application you will go through compliance and then receive a welcome letter with an offer for training. We can’t wait to work with you! If you are a batch or API client, we will walk you through the process and get you the proper credentials for your own platform or SaaS provider. Click here to view our API documentation.

Work with a data company that knows what you need.

Alicia and Tracers know what you need when it comes to data. So we provide you with the best in class customer support as well as the searches you need to get the information you want — at an affordable price. Tracers provides you access to all of these searches with world-class support from search experts.

SSN Address Trace

The search lists each name tied to the social, the address where that name was reported, and how many times that name was reported at that address during the reported time period. This search can also return where and when the SSN was issued, age and DOB, and phone numbers for your subject.

You might think that basically every American has at least some credit or bank activity. But actually, it’s becoming more and more common for people, particularly young people, to avoid credit and banks altogether. Whether it’s intentional or not, the person you’re looking for may have no credit or bank activity – which can be a big issue in trying to confirm their identity. Our alternative data sources is included in all SSN traces and help you tap into comprehensive, accurate data that lives outside traditional credit header data.

  • Utility Listings that aggregates customer data from gas, electric, phone, and other utility companies and provides addresses and phone numbers that other data companies don’t have.
  • Other sources of unbanked data offer an alternative to credit header data and aggregate unique information that helps you skip trace people who don’t use credit or banks.
SSN Address Trace

Criminal Records Search

Our Criminal Records are constantly updated from hundreds of Tracers sources and over 500 million records that are on public record. Details may include name, DOB, age, birth state, physical description, military service, case number, case date, case type, NCIC code, source of criminal information, court type, court, court county, fees, fines, offenses, offense codes, offense date, offense description, charge filed date, county, state, conviction date, conviction place, disposition, disposition date, whether convicted, probation date, and sentencing.

Criminal Report With Headshot

Identity Verification

The ID Verification search makes it easy to verify the name, date of birth, address, and identification numbers of your customers for compliance and anti-fraud. Our intuitive scoring system will give you a percentage of how likely a subject is a match to the criteria you enter.

Identity Verification
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Tracers Batch Processing

Batch Processing

Tracers API

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A premier data provider with decades of data expertise

Tracers has been supplying businesses with the data and intelligence that are essential for success in the ever-involving information age since 1996. By combining powerful search technology with cutting-edge innovation, we deliver access to billions of public records and private data sources to qualified organizations across multiple industries. Built on the principle of providing excellent service, outstanding value, and our peerless data expertise to our clients, we pride ourselves in the personal attention we give every one of our clients — large and small — and are honored to be their trusted information-gathering partner.

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